Olivos’ Bandoneon

Olivos’ Bandoneon is a bi-sonoric 142 tone “Rheinische Tonlage”(most used in tango). The color can be brown or black. We use french polishing (more traditional) or nitrocellulose lacquer (Brighter and stronger), at the customer’s choice. Zinc reed plates are made by Harmonikas (Czech Republic). The bellow has 15 folds with two central frameworks, the color is choosed by the customer (view models of bellow paper).

Olivos’ Bandoneon is custom-made. Delivery time is approximately six months.

Price: 3.500€

* You can hear it in this link: Bandoneón Olivos
* Two-year warranty
* If you need more information or want to test it, come to our workshop in Asturias (Spain) or contact us.